Know the Different Certificate Translation Service, We Deliver

We, Lingua Guru Translation provide the professional certificate translation service to our clients, which include different forms. People reach us for translating documents, for translating websites and even for certificates. Certificates Translation is always confusing for most of our clients. They reach us at the last moment, since they didn’t identify whether there will be any need of translation or not.

Why to Reach Us

Here are the top reasons why people come to us for translating certificates -

  • Studying Abroad - When you are going abroad for higher study, the certificates in your native language will not be granted. So, necessity is there to translate them. We provide the perfect help to all the students.
  • Getting Married - In case, you are getting married in a foreign nation, translation of the certificates is essential. The original certificate is issued in foreign language. Your need is to convert the same into your native language and time left for that is also less. Come to us for the fastest service.
  • Permanent Shift - If you are shifting your location to a foreign nation, your all older certificates are to be renewed and translated. No value will be given to your certificates, written in your native language. So, reach us and change them now before shifting.
  • VISA Application - In case, you are asking VISA in some of the nations where native language is regarded most important, translation of certificate is essential. Most of the Certificates Translation handled by us are of this type.
  • Legal Process - In case you are going through any legal process in a foreign nation, all your certificates, written in native language must be translated.
  • Green Card Application - If you are applying for a green card, your certificates in your own language will not be valued. This is the case, where you have time. Reach us and get the support fast.

In all the above cases, you feel helpless, since you understand the need of translation at the last moment. We are always there for you. For the fastest service, contact us today.

Lingua Guru Translation Provides Notarized Translation for all types certificates such as:

  • Passports
  • Birth certificates
  • Adoption papers
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Academic transcripts and diplomas
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Medical records