Thus there are three types of service that we provide

  • Translation of the documents which includes doc file, pdf file, excel file, print shots and other formats.
  • Translation of the all types of certificates, including the legal notices
  • The transcription of the different language works which includes medical transcription too.

Our Service details

Our service includes many other things which you must be aware of. Here is a list of the things that you will get from us

  • Our service includes different Indian languages and their number goes to 22. Apart from that, you will get the Asian Language support. These parts include all the common Middle East languages. African language and European languages are also there in the list. If you collect all the languages where we do provide service, the count will go till 80.
  • Our staff strength is also a factor that you must count. There is always a different employee for translating a different subject. We have separate set of employees to give you the help in different language.
  • We are vast not only in the segment of languages, but also in the set of literature that is used in them. There are more than 50m industrial sectors, where we cover our service. Thus your work will have the complete technical scripts that the original document had.

Extra Services

  • The above things are regarding what we cover, but apart from that there lies different other service features too. You will find the right support regarding time. We do not ever miss the given time by any means. However, you will get a proof read document within that time frame.
  • We do not use any interpreting machines to translate the document. This is how we maintain the balance of the technical languages in the translated part.

Thus just remain with us and wait for the service that we give. You will never find someone who is as good as us.