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We, Lingua Guru Translation are the most renowned service provider in transcription. There are different usages of this service around the industry. The terminologies and the different effects are to be transcribed and quoted here. We maintain the full work with a perfect mechanism and that makes us special in the industry.

Audio Transcription - This is the phase, where the initial audio is transcribed and expressed in the form of documents. There are different things that are to be taken care particularly in this preliminary part of the job. That is why; we deploy a second set of staffs for proof reading the document.

Proof reading - This is the next level of operation that we do follow in the case of Transcription Services. Here the written text is adjudged with the audio and hence proof read. On the other hand, whether there is any gap between the audio and the written document are checked here.

Quality Control - Here the transcription is again verified with the audio. Similarity and dissimilarity between the audio meaning and the document prepared is finalized here.

After all the things are done, it is the time of delivery. So, you are going to get the perfect documents from us and that is what you need to think.

Transcription Service We Provide

We offer different transcription supports. Here is the lost of the supports, we do provide. For the following coverage in Transcription Services, we are preferred by all.

  • General Transcriptions include the technological and other business talk documentation.
  • Medical Terminology is something that is needed and practiced in all parts of the world. We are a big name in the industry, in that part.
  • Interview is often transcribed in different languages and we are there 24/7 to assist us there.
  • Business transcription is basically the transcription of a workshops or teleconferences. Get the right transcription service from us and place yourself at a better position.

With this different things mentioned above, we are named to be the most eminent name in the entire industry. We are fastest service provider in the industry and thus help you to get the service.